About Us

Remodeling San Antonio is a full-service remodeling company serving the San Antonio and surrounding areas. As a full-service San Antonio remodeling company, we specialize in home remodeling, painting, drywall installation & repair, pressure washing, carpentry, siding, flooring installation, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling. We provide home remodeling San Antonio TX residents can count on to make their homes beautiful at an affordable price.


Since our founding, we believe in servicing the local San Antonio community with integrity, quality customer service, attention to detail, and fair prices. We want every customer to be able to enjoy home remodeling San Antonio based services that will last for years to come. In order to achieve that goal, we use high-quality tools and materials for durable, dependable remodeling San Antonio homeowners love!


As members of the local San Antonio communities ourselves, we want to create great remodeling experiences that will keep the community looking great. We think of all of our customers as our extended family and hope that you will let us assist you with your remodel San Antonio. There’s nothing that warms our hearts more than seeing the look on our customers’ faces when they see their remodel for the first time.


Although we offer a variety of different services now, we still remain true to our painting roots. Starting off as painting contractors San Antonio residents have been able to experience the wonderful look of a fresh coat of paint with us for a while now. While painting San Antonio residences has been our passion for a long time, we are excited to make your home beautiful with all of our home remodeling services. For quality painting San Antonio homeowners can always count on us to be the best painters in town. By using our painter San Antonio TX can make sure that their homes look great inside and out.


When it comes to remodeling San Antonio residents have a lot of choices when it comes down to vendors. We understand that it can be a tough choice especially if this is your first remodeling project. Remodeling your home can be a big investment, so we always recommend going with a professional. With our attention to detail, we approach each home as if it was our own so that you can count on the job getting done right the first time. Quality work is hard to find when searching for contractors, so we want to make your search easy!


By creating fantastic home remodeling San Antonio residents are in for a treat. As you are probably well aware, the customer experience is paramount when it comes to the service industry. Have you ever worked with a company that produced great work but had horrible customer service? Would you work with that company again, or would you be likely to find another company that produced great work and had a great customer experience? Odds are likely you’d go with the second option! At Remodeling San Antonio, we aim to always give our customers a great experience while providing the highest quality home remodeling San Antonio TX can find.


If you are interested in working with a remodeling company that has extensive knowledge of all the latest trends, popular designs, and the ability to creating lasting renovations; we’d love to work with you! It’s time for you to be inspired again by your home, and we can help you do that. Although everyone has a unique idea in mind for their home, it’s great to get help from a professional to introduce you to new styles that you may not have even thought of yet. We always have the customer’s ideas and inspirations in mind for our designs but are happy to share new ideas with you as well.


Remodeling San Antonio believes in making your remodel San Antonio homeowner approved. We can continue to achieve this by making your remodeling process as stress-free and painless as possible. Renovations have been known to be one of the top stressful things that homeowners go through, but with us, it does not need to be. Since we will be handling all the hard work during your project there is no need to get stressed working with us. Ready to get your project rolling with our experienced, friendly, and professional remodeling contractors? Give us a call today or schedule your appointment by filling out the form provided on this website. We can’t wait to assist you in creating your dream home!